The Hospitalist Program at CMH is designed to optimize and personalize patient care to provide smooth transitions from admission through discharge out of the hospital.

Personalized Patient Care

A hospitalist is a provider who will manage your care while you are in the hospital. They are trained to handle acute inpatient care and will request consultation when specialized care or procedures are indicated. They lead your patient care team and will provide your primary providers with notification of your admission.

Your hospitalist will see you every day that you are in the hospital. They can provide information to a designated family member as needed to keep everyone updated on your progress. At night a member of the hospitalist team is in the hospital to address any emergencies or urgent needs.

Our hospital case manager will work with your physician’s office to plan appropriate follow up, provide needed education and engage community services for you, if necessary. They work closely with the hospitalist provider and nursing staff to develop a safe discharge plan.

At discharge, we will provide your physician with a detailed summary of the hospitalization, as well as all appropriate test results. We will make sure that these are in your doctor’s office before your follow up visit.

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