Stay Safe in the Safety of Your Home!


Fast and Easy Telehealth Virtual Visits

CMH is providing fast and easy Telehealth Virtual Visits from the comfort of your home. Get the medical attention you need from your mobile device or computer.

Check out the helpful video below on how it works!


Get the healthcare advice you need from the safety of your home. Contact us for a Virtual healthcare visit. See the details below to get started!

Do you have a cold, or are your allergies acting up, maybe you have a follow up appointment with your physician? CMH telehealth virtual visits will allow you the medical attention you need from your primary or specialty care provider right from your mobile device or computer. Call your primary or specialty care provider today to sign up.

Rapid Care Services:

CMH Rapid Care telehealth virtual visits is for all patients new and returning. Our goal is to meet all your urgent care needs in the safest and most efficient manner. Our emergency room trained providers will now be able to treat you at home on your mobile device or computer in addition to in person visits at our two locations. Call 518-758-4300 to set up your visit!

Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Center:

CMH Psychiatric & Psychotherapy Center offers telehealth virtual visits with a trained psychotherapist who will assess your issues, identify treatment goals and work with you to achieve those goals.

For new clients, please contact your Primary Care provider for a referral, or call our office at 518-697-8010 to register for services. We will contact you for further information and to assign you to the next available therapist.